Monday, November 21, 2005

everyone makes a mistake

sadly my mistake took me a week to realize that the latest project i was doing (which must remain on the downlow) is altogether too small.
so to make myself feel better i am finally making something for myself.

i am proud of my excellent balling job (teehee i said balling its the cameron and mark beavis and butthead influence i can't help it!)

the pattern for this scarf is rather simple, size 10.5 needles cast on 22 k1 {k2 p2} k1 the nifty thing is that the pattern i copied was slightly wrong as it told me to cast on 20 which doesn't allow the pattern to repeat on the back. as my wise friend jessica taught me i needed to knit into the knit and purl into the purl to allow the ribbing to occur. so anyway notice the nifty ribbing i hope to be done in the next week or so.. and then onto the next big secret project.


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